אבי דהן – בודק קרינה מוסמך

הנדסאי אלקטרוניקה ותקשורת, בודק מוסמך מטעם המשרד להגנת הסביבה.

The site aims to ensure that it will be as accessible as possible to people with disabilities.
A lot of resources and work have been invested in the site to ensure that it will be comfortable to use and as accessible as possible for people with disabilities, this is based on a strong belief that every person has the right to live with dignity, equality and independence.

Accessibility panel
A site accessibility applet (plug-in) has been implemented on the site.
The plug-in allows the website to improve its compliance with the guidelines for accessibility of web content (WCAG 2.0).

To activate the accessibility menu, click on the accessibility icon that appears in the corner of the site.
After activating the accessibility menu, wait a few moments to ensure that the accessibility menu is fully loaded.

What does the panel include?
Canceling the flickering
Marking titles
Zoom in – zoom out
Increasing and decreasing the site font
Changing the font to be more readable (Ariel font)
Highlight links on the site with an underline
Highlight links on the website by highlighting color
Changing the contrast of the website colors – light contrast / dark contrast

We continue our efforts to constantly improve the accessibility of the site out of a moral obligation to allow continuous, accessible and uninterrupted use even for those of us who suffer from disabilities.

Despite our efforts to make all content on the website fully accessible, certain parts of the website may not yet have been fully adapted to the accessibility requirements (probably due to technological solutions).
As said, we make every effort to make the site as available and accessible as possible to everyone.

If you have encountered difficulties regarding the site’s accessibility or need help or additional information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

The documents on the site are in the process of being accessed. If you come across a document that is not accessible and you need it in an accessible format, please contact us and we will be happy to make it accessible for you.

Avraham Dahan – a certified Radiation Protection Technician from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and a certified Practical Engineer in Electronics and Communications.

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